M2 Procurement & Commercial Services

M2PCS offer Procurement and Commercial Services across the Highlands and Islands.

Whether your simply seeking advice or assistance at any stage of the procurement and contract lifecycle, M2PCS can offer a fully professional service.

M2PCS is a provider of Business Support Services to Clients that are already in the civil nuclear decommissioning sector and to Clients that are seeking to transition into this sector.

Stacks of Duncansby, Caithness

M2PCS can offer Clients a full turnkey service for any requirement in the procurement and contract life cycle. The range of services that are currently offered include:

  • Provision of support and advice through a procurement process 
  • Ensuring that the requirements of the tendering process are fully understood before resources are committed by the Client 
  • Assistance in the completion of Prequalification Questionnaire 
  • Supporting the Client during the production of Tender Submissions 
  • Peer Review of Tender Submissions 
  • Identification of Potential Contract Opportunities for Clients 
  • Business Development / Transition to Nuclear Services 
  • Supply Chain Development 
  • Advice on Inventory Management 
  • Advice on NEC3 Form of Contract & Contract Management 
  • Production of Procedures 
  • Internal or External Audit Services